Andy Harris

Andy Harris, Everybody – Ep.4 – “Bless Your Heart”

On this episode, we touch on religion. Or spirituality. Or…whatever. Whatever you believe is fine. Bless your heart.

Improvised, produced and voiced by Andy Harris and only Andy Harris.

Andy Harris, Everybody – Ep.3 – “Circle Of Life”

Come along with me on this journey, as we celebrate the circle of life.  This entire show is improvised, produced and voiced by me, Andy Harris, and only Andy Harris.  More at   This Is An Episode Of A Podcast

Episode 2 – “TV Is Good”

This week, I explore TV. 

Just like every other episode, this entire show is improvised, produced and voiced by me, and only me.  


Episode 1 – “Pilot”

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This is the pilot episode of “Andy Harris, Everybody.”
It is a comedy podcast that is improvised, written, produced and voiced by Andy Harris, and only Andy Harris.

About Me


My name is Andy Harris.

I am a writer, producer, improviser, comedian, and voice-over artist.

I have been writing, performing, voicing and producing comedy for roughly 15 years, and have been heard on over a thousand radio stations all over the globe. 

I honed my impeccable improv and sketch writing/performing skills at The Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, and have performed at UCB LA, UCB NY, IO West, The Second City and several other stages. 

This is my website, and this is my podcast.  I do all of the writing, voicing and production all by myself. I’m a big boy. I use the big boy potty. 



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